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A World for Children

Local Caritas social workers and educators are sensitive to their situations and treat each young person with respect.

Children in IndonesiaChildren deserve respect and prospects

We strive to empower young people to create a better future and a ‘world for children’ worth living in. Education, vocational training, family and social support, counselling and medical care lay the foundation for children and youths to be able to shield themselves from violence, addiction, exploitation and abuse and to assert their right to education.

Effectively helping people to help themselves requires perseverance. The earlier children and youths can be reached, the greater their chances of long-term improvement. One core aspect of our work is therefore preschool education, as it helps to establish a better and fairer ‘world for children’ in the future.

Pakistan: Educating Child Labourers

Local Caritas staff play an important role in the development of projects providing care and social services. Together with local workers, we have established a relief project for child labourers in Pakistan.

Because child labour often ensures the survival of entire families, Caritas Germany provides working children with evening classes. In night school, they acquire qualifications which enable them to take control over their own futures. Thanks to this project, a ‘children’s union’ has also been founded which has already successfully enforced the rights of child labourers.

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