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Disabled man in peru with wheel chairBoosting possibilities for an independent life

Caritas workers help people to live independently by boosting their self-confidence. In our nurseries, schools and vocational training institutions, Caritas workers respond to the needs of people with disabilities. In doing so, their entire milieu is taken into account. The goal is the inclusion of people with disabilities into everyday life in society so that they can live side by side with people without disabilities. These projects therefore promote awareness and understanding. Families of people with disabilities are encouraged to talk openly about disabilities, and people’s prejudices are abolished through interaction with disabled people.

Where needed, we create the necessary basic social networks. These networks help people with disabilities to find their own solutions to the problems they face. This way, we help to change the world into a ‘world for disabled people’.

Egypt: Training for Disabled People

Caritas Egypt’s Special Education Training Institute trains experts, parents and volunteers to provide better care for people with mental disabilities. Parents learn exercises and activities which they can do at home with their children. Adults with disabilities receive vocational training that enables them to acquire some independence from their families. The idea works. Thanks to its success, Caritas Egypt has started sharing its experiences of working with disabled people with Caritas colleagues from other countries.

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