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Age and Illness

A World for the Aging and the Ill

Older man in Latin AmericaImproving conditions for elderly people all over the world.

Our social projects for the elderly and people who are ill aim for more than providing medical care, they also actively counteract poverty, isolation and social exclusion.

In cooperation with local Caritas staff, such as doctors, nurses and social workers, innovative projects are created that improve the living conditions of the elderly and people who are ill.

Russia: Self-Help Group for Family Carers

In Russia, Caritas supports a network of self-help groups for people who care for their relatives. Caritas Russia has trained its nurses to pass on knowledge and skills to family carers. This initiative has snowballed into an important self-help organisation that supports and teaches home care skills to people caring for relatives who are ill.

Cambodia: Helping People with HIV / AIDS

Caritas’ projects for people with HIV / AIDS and their relatives are also examples of helping people to help themselves. Caritas Cambodia has established a system of neighbourhood volunteers who not only care for people living with HIV / AIDS, but promote the acceptance of and solidarity with infected persons within their communities. Positive side effects of actively involving volunteers include a higher readiness for prevention and a greater awareness of the risks of infection.

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