Campaign 2915

City – Countryside – Future

City and countryside are connected. Those living in the countryside often have to commute to the city. Those living in the city need fresh food, which is produced in the countryside. That is why we have named our campaign "City - Countryside - Future”.

The images used for this campaign could be straight from an advertisement for living in the countryside. They playfully point out how idyllic life can be in the countryside while also ironically referring to the exodus: "There’s no stress out here. And no doctor either.”

And, "Those who love it here can’t leave. At least not with a bus.” The campaign advertisement shows the chain reactions that lead to rural communities breaking apart. Whether there is a happy ending to this story depends on the people.

Room for new ideas

It has become apparent that these changes present both a crisis and an opportunity. When the tried and tested comes to an end, it leaves room for new ideas. It is particularly in the countryside that we see more and more people networking. Together with the church and politicians, they are taking their future into their own hands. They could become role models for our cities. The campaign website introduces new impulses, initiatives and ideas, and provides room for discussion.