Hire me, don’t fire me!

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The Federal Government’s support of unemployed people excluded from the job market is insufficient. The Government has made massive cuts in funding for vocational integration. Since the introduction of the so-called "Grundsicherung” (basic security benefits for job seekers) in 2005, some half a million people have been long-term unemployed and depend on state welfare.

These people hardly have any chance on the job market. Only every tenth long-term unemployed person receives the offer of support for vocational integration. In many cases, this leads to social exclusion and isolation. The consequences for the jobless and their families are fatal.

Therefore, the Federal Workgroup, Integration through Work (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Integration durch Arbeit, IDA) and the German Caritas Association provided suggestions before the Federal elections on how better help could be provided to long-term unemployed people. Everyone of them should be given the opportunity to contribute to society according to their abilities.

A central element in the demonstrations were life-size cardboard cut-outs which stood as examples for the difficult situation of long-term unemployed people. The campaign enabled Caritas to enter into discussions with citizens, church representatives, entrepreneurs and politicians in more than 100 locations.

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