Investing in the next generation

Under the name of "youngcaritas”, young people in Switzerland, Austria and Luxemburg have committed themselves to creatively and actively forming a more equitable society. These activity platforms bring together the social commitment and solidary action of young people. The spark has also sprung over to the German Caritas. Youngcaritas initiatives have already been set up in Berlin, Kempten, Freiburg, Hildesheim and Lahr.

Trying out and further developing social competences

The German Caritas Association supports this commitment and has had a strategy developed to set up youngcaritas in Germany. This is also considered to be an important investment in the future of the Association. The strategy illustrates possibilities as to how young people and young adults can bring in their social competences and develop them further, engage in voluntary work for a limited period of time and live and experience solidarity.

Another effect Caritas hopes to achieve through this is to raise its image as well as awareness of the Association and its appeal for the younger age group. Moreover, promoting social awareness in young people also means building up resources for tomorrow - for voluntary engagement, for the personnel and professional staff as well as for fundraising and donations.

Local activities are linked via the Internet

The official start for the youngcaritas team at Caritas was in April 2013. Everyone in the team knows that youngcaritas is only able to make things move if young people engage themselves at a large number of locations. Therefore, all activities are brought together on an Internet platform at a Germany-wide level. For this, students at the Stuttgart Media University developed an overall design concept for youngcaritas, to be used on the website and in other offers. In 2014, for example, the year of the World Cup football championship, there will be so-called Street Soccer tournaments in which young Germans and Brazilians will get to know each other. 

Official website of youngcaritas

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