Campaigns and Initiatives

Initiative for solidarity and social cohesion

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One special topic of "solidarity and social cohesion” is focused upon each year.

In 2014 it is international solidarity true to the motto: "Far away is closer than you might think!”

Caritas wants to draw attention to global interdependencies by showing the impact of our actions on other societies and people. Topics that arise in this context are: caregivers from abroad, the consumption of resources, and the climate change, to name only a few.

Caritas promotes social cohesion. Personal contacts and the opportunity to network are encouraged. This fosters the attitude: "We belong together!” A great variety of possibilities invite people to volunteer.

  • The cooperation between Caritas, the parishes, and other partners supports everybody who wants to help
  • The lobbying of social policy matters takes a stand

  • for the disadvantaged whether they live in Germany or across the globe.

Get involved in the cohesion of our society! You do not want to lament about social injustices any longer but get active in showing solidarity? The Caritas Association or the branch of your local Caritas will be happy to welcome you and discuss with you all the areas of getting involved that will suit you. In case you lack the time for any voluntary commitment we appreciate your financial support that will help all of Caritas’ endeavours towards international solidarity.