Caritas in Germany

Help by the millions

They are joined by just under 37,000 trainees and pupils, 4,701 volunteers completing a year of community service and 5,112 participants in the federal volunteer service programme.

Statistik: Mitarbeiter der Caritas in Deutschland (English version)More than a million people work throughout the country on behalf of Caritas. These were the current findings of Caritas’ overall statistics of 31 December 2014.(c) Deutscher Caritasverband e. V.

In comparison with the previous survey conducted in 2012, the number of facilities and services rose slightly by 145, and the number of professional employees increased by just under 27,000. 82.3 percent of Caritas employees are women.

Most work in healthcare

Of the professional employees, more than 251,609 work in healthcare facilities and services, 141,045 in child and youth outreach, 115,055 in care for the elderly, 75,045 in care for the disabled/psychiatric care and 5,733 in family services. 61 percent of all Caritas employees care for and support people on an inpatient basis in facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, 24 percent work in day-care facilities such as kindergartens and workshops for people with disabilities.

Working with and for people

Three quarters of the professional employees work directly with people in healthcare, social, rehabilitation and training fields. They are supported by the staff in management and administration (9 percent) as well as by custodial and technical staff (14 percent).

Trend towards part-time positions

In the past two decades, the number of employees at Caritas has continued to grow. Compared to 1994, a total of approximately 186,000 more employees are in the service of Caritas as of the end of 2014.

For the most part, this development is marked by a shift from full-time to part-time employment. While the proportion of part-time employees was about one third in 1994, far more than half of all employees work part-time in 2014. Counted together, the various scopes of occupation of the employees result in a total of 419,080 full-time positions in 2014. This is a rise of just under 12,000 full-time positions compared to 2012.

Drei Pflegerinnen der Caritas vor ihren AutosMost of the professional employees work in healthcare facilities and services.KNA / Oppitz

Many employees at large facilities

Many clubs, church communities, foundations, religious orders and non-profits contribute to Germany’s social infrastructure under the umbrella of Caritas. Most of the approximately 6,180 entities are small organisations with less than 50 employees. Most of the staff, almost 90 percent of all employees, work in some 1,500 organisations which have 50 or more employees. Most of these entities are organised as clubs, private limited companies or foundations.

Reliable data source: Overall statistics

Every two years, the headquarters of the German Caritas Association together with the Diocesan Caritas Associations compile overall statistics. These statistics are the only comprehensive representation of Caritas structures. In addition to national statistics, analyses for the individual dioceses are available upon request from the corresponding Diocesan Caritas Association or the German Caritas Association.

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