International Aid

Relief for People in Need Worldwide

We also sponsor social projects for children, the elderly, the ill and people with disabilities in many parts of the world. The skills, expertise and dedication of local Caritas workers guarantee the long-term success of the roughly 650 relief projects we support every year.

Caritas Germany makes a sustainable impact. We not only provide disaster relief in extreme situations that are caused by war or a natural disaster, but we also help with reconstruction and rehabilitation. In this process, we actively involve those who are affected. In our social services projects, we help people become self-reliant so they can actively shape their own futures.

Mädchen spielt zusammen mit einer Gruppe von Jungs auf dem SchulhofEmpowerment through access to education for girls in Kenya

Changing the World through Solidarity

Caritas Germany strives to spread solidarity and social justice in the world. We stand up against discrimination, violence, intolerance and poverty. We campaign for the universal acknowledgement of the inviolability of human dignity. We help everyone, regardless of their religion, ethnicity or nationality. Our commitment is motivated by and based on the Christian faith and Catholic social teaching.

We are dependent on donations to be able to act quickly and thoroughly. People who donate to us can choose from a wide range of relief projects to give to. We value transparency, and, in our annual report, we provide our donors with detailed information about how their money is being used.

The Focus Areas of Caritas Germany

Caritas Germany implements more than 650 relief projects worldwide every year. These projects provide disaster relief, rehabilitation and disaster preparedness as well as care to children, the elderly, the ill, and people with disabilities.

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