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Medical Aid after the earthquake in PakistanMedical aid for victims of the earthquake in Pakistan

We do not need to fly additional relief workers into disaster areas – they are already there, because we support the work of local Caritas associations. They know what needs to be done and ensure that aid reaches those who need it. They know what goods are needed and where to obtain relief supplies at reasonable prices in the region, which saves shipping costs. This allows Caritas Germany to reach those affected quickly and efficiently with food, protection from rain and cold, and medical treatment.

Our approach to disaster aid is not only to save lives, but also to ensure a sustainable future during reconstruction, thereby reducing the risk that the people affected will fall victim to another disaster. We design our reconstruction projects to make victims less vulnerable by enabling them to help themselves. This can only be done by involving those affected in the process right from the beginning. They are the ones planning and carrying out the process – and we are there to accompany them.

India: Building Cyclone-Safe Houses

Caritas India’s projects for disaster prevention and preparedness are an example of this. Together with those affected, destroyed houses are rebuilt to be cyclone-safe. A flat roof is built on every house, serving as a storage area for supplies and offering a refuge for people and animals in case of flooding.

Caritas Germany represents disaster relief with perseverance. When global attention to the disaster area is waning, local Caritas associations are still there. We always aim for a permanent improvement of the situation. Caritas Germany therefore not only saves lives, but also enables a better future.

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