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Transparency Creates Trust

We do without expensive advertising for donations (such as donation galas or commissions for donation advertisers). In this way, Caritas Germany ensures that 91.7 cents of every Euro is spent on projects.

To be able to provide an effective and efficient service, we need effective administration. Caritas Germany staff are paid approximately the same as staff in public employment. Local experts of Caritas partners are paid the normal local rates.

The transparent use of resources requires responsibility: We book donations according to the donor's wishes, issue donation receipt confirmations and regularly report on projects. Caritas Germany relies on expert help to ensure the success of relief operations. An internal auditing service and random checks by external auditors ensure good financial practice. Local audits are also held for projects. The auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers AG certifies the correctness of Caritas Germany’s annual accounts. The financial report is published annually.

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