Home is us together

Teil einer FußballmannschaftDeutscher Caritasverband/ Fotos: Monika Höfler

The idea of home is something very individual. This is also shown in the various wall motifs of the campaign which hang in a football club, a girl’s room, a painting contractor’s office and a living room. All of the people in these photos - locals and immigrants - are active in Caritas projects where they have a connection through work, friendship or leisure activities. This is how living together can succeed in an open society. 

Films and exhibition about the idea of home

On the campaign website, Caritas tells the stories of the motifs. And the campaign spot broadens the perspective further and shows Germany in all its diversity. In addition, a quiz on the idea of home takes us through the locations featured in the campaign spot.

Sociopolitical requirements in connection with the challenges of living together well and two stories from the lives of immigrants depict the opportunities and challenges of integration. And in short home-themed films people say what they personally associate with the idea of home. Moreover, exhibitions are being shown throughout the country to support the 2017 campaign. As always, Caritas is there to help with ideas and real-life tips as well as flyers and posters available on the website.

Vote for humanity

In 2017, Caritas is also involved in the election campaign. Under the motto "Vote for humanity” (, it would like to provide a reminder about which values are indispensable in a free democratic society. Amongst other things, training is planned for Caritas employees on how to deal with populistic right-wing statements. Within the scope of the three-year demographics initiative in which the 2017 campaign "Home is us together” is embedded, there have been multiplier training sessions and communication training sessions as well as a professional day for staff.

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