Campaign 2018

Affordable housing

Everybody needs a home

Älterer Mann in Badewanne auf StraßeVisit our Website www.zuhause-fuer-jeden.deDeutscher Caritasverband, Fotograf: Darius Ramazani

Those looking for housing want good amenities: a short and safe way to school for their children, a way to work that allows them enough time to spend with family, a supermarket nearby so they can shop independently even as they get older. Rising rents and a lack of housing are making it increasingly difficult for all these needs to be met. People feel they are being forced out of certain parts of cities as they can no longer afford the high rents. 

Fact check and Caritas study

Our campaign website highlights the difficulties, but also provides motivating solution models: from the support facility for homeless women and an inclusive housing project to neighbourhood shops in alleged problem neighbourhoods. The online game "Who lives where and what does it cost” lets you see how much rent singles and families pay on average in various German cities. Our fact checker lets you check your assumptions against real facts. The Caritas study "Human right to housing” also provides some up-to-date figures.  You can find the results and read about the German Caritas Association’s sociopolitical position on our campaign website.

Room on the street

The "Room on the street” campaign aims to highlight the lack of affordable housing in Germany. Rooms are set up in the middle of pedestrian areas, town squares and at parish or day care summer festivals. These "rooms on the street” can be used for press events, photo shoots or panel discussions, giving passers-by, mayors, councillors and media representatives the opportunity to discuss the topic of this campaign.