Seniors are Experts in Life

Campaign poster: Expert in life crises is
looking for a hand with the paperwork.

Young people should recognize the treasure that can be hidden in every senior. This can help to master one’s own challenges in daily life.

Seniors are Important for Society

“To perceive life in old age as simply a demographic problem of society does not do justice to seniors”, stressed Peter Neher, President of Caritas, at the campaign start in Berlin. “We should have a more intensive look at the potential older people offer.” Many of them are willing to contribute to the local community and to support others with their knowledge. “This is an essential element for social interaction between generations”, said Neher.

The Young Profit from Seniors and Vice Versa

However, it is not only young people that gain a new understanding of their own living situation from the expert knowledge of seniors. Older people also need young people who give them personal contact, human closeness or help with daily tasks. There is give and take between generations. Without the support of young people, ageing is often bleak and lonely. With the contribution of young generations, elderly people can be given joy, trust and confidence.

The Caritas campaign 2010, “Experts in Life”, is integrated into the three-year Initiative of Caritas for Self-Determined Inclusion .

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