People with Disabilities – People like You and Me

Ein Mann sitzt im Rollstuhl und sagt:"Ich hasse meine große Nase".DCV/ Mathias Bothor

Germany has acceded to the Convention and intends to implement it.

The aim of the Caritas campaign 2011 is to make it clear that inclusion – in other words, an equitable coexistence of all human beings – is possible from the start. In contrast to integration, in which a foreign person integrates him- or herself into an (unchanged) society, inclusion creates diversity. In other words: there are a lot of people in Germany, they are all different, some have a disability that shapes their lives but this is not the decisive point in every situation. The human being counts – and not his or her disability, size, character or origin.

Not everyone has reached this stage of awareness and it is also not put into practice everywhere. There is a need to catch up in this area, in our daily working lives, in playschools and schools, in clubs and parishes – even at Caritas. But the aim is clear: together we create our society – a society that is colourful and alive. Caritas institutions and associations will show how this can be achieved, through its many events in 2011.

“Nobody's perfect” is integrated into the three-year Initiative of Caritas for Self-Determined Inclusion.

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