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Professional Further Education Academy

The Academy is also open to people outside Caritas who are working in the social care sector.

Courses offered

The Professional Further Education Academy offers courses in the following subjects:

  • Social policy, association policy
  • Leadership, administration, management
  • Value orientation, value management
  • Human resources development, organisational development
  • Social work, counselling
  • Education, didactics

Target groups

Our further education courses are designed especially for:

  • People working as managers or directors in associations, companies, institutions and centres
  • Professionals in new fields of work or fields in which professionalisation has become necessary
  • Professionals providing special counselling services
  • Educators providing training in social pedagogy and social nursing
  • Consultants providing professional and practical advice

Weiterbildung03The Professional Further Education Academy uses and advocates didactics and methods of adult learning for the social care sector.(c) KNA

The Professional Further Education Academy uses and advocates didactics and methods of adult learning for the social care sector. This is why its approach in education is based on people’s life stories, experiences and social environments as well as on fields of work and professional roles. The Academy provides a culture of development and learning where leaders can build on skills they already have. In the Academy’s courses, management-level professionals learn how to analyse their working methods and how to structure social situations. They learn how to think more strategically and acquire the soft skills they need to really become part of a charitable, value-oriented organisation.

Many of the Academy’s courses are taught in the German Caritas Association's Conference Centre. However, the Academy also increasingly offers in-house training to professionals, saving them the expenses of travelling to Freiburg.

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