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Here you will find texts referring to the topics which Caritas is currently focusing on in Germany.

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Current Issue

When energy is not affordable: health and wellbeing impacts of energy poverty

Many European households are too poor to heat their homes sufficiently, especially in countries like Bulgaria or Lithuania. That’s a high risk, as studies show: Fuel poverty has serious effects on physical as well as mental well-being. more

Aufnahme eines Asylbewerbers in einem Asylbewerberheim durch einen Mitarbeiter der Caritas / Deutscher Caritasverband / KNA


What does Caritas do for refugees in Germany?

Caritas is there for everyone who needs special protection and support. This includes people who have been forced to flee their homelands. Caritas offers these people help, represents their interest in the world of politics and in the public sphere, and works towards a peaceful and open society. more

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gender equality

Equality in leadership

Around 80 per cent of those employed by Caritas are female, but men dominate the leadership positions. With the project “Equality in leadership” and the initiative “A matter for management”, the German Caritas organisation is championing a more balanced ratio of men and women in leadership positions. more

Mann und Frau auf Sofa / DCV/Margit Wild

International aid

Help for refugees

It is the greatest refugee tragedy since the Second World War: The wars in Iraq and Syria are the cause of unimaginable suffering that doesn’t stop at the border. The German Caritas relief organisations support people directly in their countries and in neighbouring countries. more


City – Countryside – Future

Demographic change has long since become reality in the countryside. Bus connections are being thinned out, grocery shops are closing their doors, and there are no successors for doctors’ practices. But even here there are new ideas to be found, and the German Caritas organisation is pooling these ideas in its campaign. more

Ein Mitarbeiter setzt in eine Schranktür eine neue Glasscheibe ein. / art4 Lörrach

Caritas initiative

Living in solidarity

Solidarity is an existential component of a society that is worth living in. That is why Caritas organised get-together festivals across Germany in 2014. People from diverse cultures came together at over 250 “Café international” locations to celebrate. more

Logo youngcaritas wird auf Bühne gezeigt / Kerstin Stoll


Investing in the next generation

Take a stand for others, help create your own social environment and have fun and get appreciation while you are about it. These are formative experiences young people can gain on the new Caritas activity platform since 2013. At, they become active themselves. more



The new Caritas site for jobs and internships

Recruitment of new staff is becoming more and more important to Caritas. The demographic change is bringing about a higher demand for professional staff, especially in the field of care for the sick and elderly. In order to better reach potential applicants, the German Caritas Association has set up its own online job portal. more

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More women in managing positions

Around 80% of those working with Caritas are women – however men dominate at the management levels. The project, Into Management on Equal Terms, is aimed at changing this. At five pilot locations, conditions have been achieved to benefit both sexes in the equal opportunities process. more

Kinder zeigen auf selbst gemalte Bilder / Caritasverband Remscheid

Caritas study

Improving education opportunities for young people

For Caritas, every school-leaver without a certificate is one too many. This is why Caritas President Neher is demanding more equity in education for Germany. He is calling on the Federal States, districts and towns to become proactive and reduce the proportion of young people without a school-leaving certificate. more

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