Key Issues

Campaigns and Initiatives

Every year, the German Caritas Association focuses on different key thematic issues. The positions linked to the relevant topic are presented in a communication campaign all over Germany. The campaigns are accompanied by an initiative planned to take place over three years.

Menschen trommeln gemeinsam / Deutscher Caritasverband e. V. / Sebastian Pfütze

Campaign 2020

Let’s all be do-gooders

About a term’s defamation and an attempt to reinterpret it. The 2020 Caritas campaign is committed to solidarity and cohesion in society. more

Altenpfleger / Deutscher Caritasverband, Fotograf: Darius Ramazani

Campaign 2019

Social needs digital

The 2019 Caritas campaign aims to promote discussion of Caritas’ services in the digital world. Solidarity and advocacy for people who need help need to be the hallmarks of the implementation. Caritas President Peter Neher explains the social challenges involved in digitalisation. more

Älterer Mann sitzt in Badewanne im Freien / Deutscher Caritasverband, Fotograf: Darius Ramazani

Campaign 2018

Everybody needs a home

The lack of affordable housing in Germany is a burden for many people. The problem of rising rents has reached the core of our society. The desperate need for housing has become a social reality that has the potential to create sociopolitical conflict. Reason enough for Caritas to focus on this topic with a national campaign. more

ein blaues und ein rotes Seilende fest miteinander verschlungen / Fotolia_Matthias_Bühner


Strategy for the social solidarity initiative

This strategy explains the German Caritas Association’s motivation and objectives, and the methods it intends to employ to help boost solidarity, with all of its various segments. more

Teil einer Fußballmannschaft / Deutscher Caritasverband/ Fotos: Monika Höfler

Campaign 2017

Home is us together

What is home? For some it’s the take-away on the corner, for others it’s mum’s apple pie or the hills and meadows of home. The 2017 Caritas campaign looks at the question of what constitutes home and how one can make a place home. more

Zwei Frauen mit Kindern im Wohnzimmer / DCV / KNA


Targeting the Impacts of the Demographic Change

The demographic change has to be actively shaped. Commencing 2015 until 2017, Caritas will be focusing on its demography initiative. Topics dealing with family, migration and generations are to be discussed from this point of view. more

Caritas-Kampagne 2015 - Bushaltestelle mit Aufruf: Hilf mit, den Wandel zu gestalten! / Deutscher Caritasverband/Christian Schoppe

Campaign 2015

Life in Rural Germany – Changing Times

The countryside is currently undergoing some very drastic demographic changes: The birth rate is sinking, many people are moving into the cities. What is left are deserted areas. The ones who stay are fighting for the preservation of the region and for quality of life. more

Kampagne Weit weg ist näher, als du denkst / DCV/Illustration: Gordei

Campaign 2014

Far away is closer than you think

The 2014 Caritas campaign makes clear that the way we act changes the world. Climate change, fair working conditions, flight and expulsion are relevant for all of us –because, in a globalised world, being “far away is closer than you think”. more

5 Hände internationaler Herkunft halten sich gegenseitig / Franz Pfluegl / Fotolia

Campaigns and Initiatives

Initiative for solidarity and social cohesion

From 2012 to 2014, the German Caritas has been focusing its public relations and specialized activities on the issue of “solidarity and social cohesion”. Everybody working for one of the many areas of Caritas has been asked to develop and share stimuli for more solidarity. more


Families – we can only achieve them together

Families – we can only achieve them together: this is the title of the Caritas Campaign in 2013. It is about what families do for their own members and for society. But also about families under pressure who need the support of others. more

Eine junge Frau sitzt in einem Rollstuhl und sagt "Ich wäre lieber blond". / DCV/ Mathias Bothor


People with Disabilities – People like You and Me

In Germany, there is no natural interaction between people with and without disabilities. Encounters are often distanced or tense. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities calls for and documents the worldwide recognition of disabled people as fully-fledged members of society. more

Ältere Frau schaut freundlich, auf dem Plakat steht "Expertin für Sonntagsbraten sucht Zuhörer". / DCV/ Mathias Bothor


Seniors are Experts in Life

In the year 2010, Caritas Germany appeals for solidarity between the generations with “Experts in Life”. The focus of the campaign is the expert knowledge and life experience of seniors: mastering life crises, overcoming challenges, feeling the joy of living and gratefulness – all this makes up a satisfied life. more

Arme Frau auf einer Bank, lächelnd / DCV/ Matthias Bothor


Social Manners for a Better Society

Caritas is putting ‘people on the margins’ in the centre of its campaign for 2009. With this motto, Caritas wants to promote social manners for a better society. By social manners, we do not mean that homeless men should shave or clean up their mess of empty bottles. more